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Monthly hydrological Buletin September 2013

Unité de Gestion du Projet (UGP)
Tuesday 15 October 2013 by administrateur


September is a period when the rainy season
draws to an end in most parts of the Niger
Basin. The rainfall during the month
complements those of previous months to
increase and improve the runoff conditions of
river Niger particularly in areas where runoff
coefficients are relatively high. Similarly the
runoff helped to substantially and
progressively increase the level of flows from
upstream to downstream. Thus, the high
flood flows of August 2013 have caused
floods in the Middle Niger particularly in
The monthly average flows recorded at the r
reference stations are as follows; 4593m3/s
at Koulikoro in the Upper Niger, 1510m3/s at
Dire in the Inland Delta, 2178m3/s in Niamey
in the Middle Niger and average of
15921m3/s at Lokoja in the lower Niger.
Statistically,, the flow recorded in September
2013 are equivalent to mean at Koulikoro,
and at Dire and close to the centennial wet at
Niamey and also close to 2011/2012 at
Lokoja. The flood flows in Niamey caused

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