ABN/NBA - Système Observation Cycle Hydrologique du Bassin du Niger (Niger-HYCOS) - SIH/HIS

June 2013 Monthly Bulletin

Project Management Unit (PMU)
Monday 22 July 2013 by administrateur, Bachir TANIMOUNE

Analyses of the hydrological situation

The month of June always marks the
beginning of the hydrological year in the
Niger basin.
Analysis of the hydrological situation have
been carried out in the four sub-basin
represented by the following areas gauging
stations: The Upper Niger in Koulikoro
(Mali), the Inner Delta in Dire (Mali), The
Middle Niger in Niamey (Niger), The Lower
Niger at Lokoja (Nigeria) as illustrated in
figure 1.
Figures 2 to 5 and Table 1 show,
respectively, the comparative hydrographs
and cumulative flow volumes of these
reference stations for the hydrological
years; 2013/2014, 2012/2013,
2011/2012, 1967/68 and the statistical
values of the five-year wet, dry and
medium periods. Except at the Koulikoro,
the flows during this month of june are
higher than the mean and the Five Year
return periods

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