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Niger Basin Autority (NBA)

vacancy of expert hydrologist

IWRM2 Projet , NBA Niamey NIGER

The Hydrologist Expert is responsible for the execution of the development phase of the project, in accordance with the program established for this purpose by the Niger Basin Authority (Execution Agency), the WMO (Supervision Agency) and the donors.

The Hydrologist Expert is responsible for the implementation of the field and office technical activities and ensures the technical assistance of the project team. He supervises the elaboration of the working plan and the annual activities achievements, the data processing and the production of hydrological information.

The Hydrologist Expert is under the Authority of the project Coordinator. He collaborates with the teams of the NBA other structures in particular the NBO, the DAF, the NBA other projects/programs, the Technical Assistant and the project Coordinator.

Candidates interested in this position should send their CV and motivation letter to the Minister Trusteeship ABN of their country before March 10, 2014

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TDRs expert hydrologist

4 March 2014
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