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Monthly Hydrological Bulletin: April 2021

NBO Dept./Hydrolocal monitoring
Tuesday 18 May 2021 by administrateur

The flow situation during the month of April 2021 was characterized by a low flow situation in the entire Niger Basin catchment areas. However, some localized rainfall was recorded in some parts of the basin in particular at the Upper and Lower Niger sub-basins.

Reservoir water releases from Selingué Dam in Mali as well as Kainji and Jebba Dams in Nigeria are on- going to support downstream low flow, as well as the hydro-electricity power generation and agricultural activities.

This month of April witnesses rapid decline of reservoir water level at Kainji Dam in Nigeria. It is important to note that this decline is below the inter-annual mean value, therefore the attention of the Dam operator is hereby called for optimization of the Dam management.

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18 May 2021
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