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Request For Proposals No.001/2013/ABN/DT/GIRE2

N° 001/ABN/DT/GIRE2/2013.
Monday 1 July 2013 by administrateur

National Request For Proposals No.001/2013/ABN/DT/GIRE2 - NIAMEY

1. The Niger Basin Authority (NBA) has received financing from the French Development Agency (AFD) to finance the cost of the project No. 1369 CZZ 01 G 2 IWRM. It is expected that part of the sums granted under this financing will be used to make payments of construction of a computer room block, training room and offices at the NBA Technical department in Niamey.

2. The Client is seeking sealed bids from candidates who meet the qualifications to perform the construction of the infrastructure described below:

* A secure computer room;
* An average training room that can serve as videoconferencing and meetings;
* Offices experts and IT operations technicians;
* Toilets (Male, Lady).

These works are to be executed at the Technical Department of the NBA based in Niamey right bank of river within a period not exceeding 5 months.

3. Candidates (2nd class companies at least) stakeholders may get more information at the addresses listed below: Executive Secretariat NIGER BASIN AUTHORITY BP 729, Niamey (Tel, E sec-executif@abn.ne-mail) or the Secretariat GIRE2 Project Oumar Old ALY Building on the right bank of river (Tel., e-mail:. gire2@abn.ne) all weekdays from 10:00 to 4:00 p.m.. The complete tender file (DAO, Plans, quantitative quote...) are available in pdf format at the addresses given above. (The tender offer is free). More information on the websites: http://www.abn.ne and http://nigerhycos.abn.ne.

4. Tenders must be submitted to the address below: Executive Secretariat NIGER BASIN AUTHORITY BP 729, Niamey, Niger later than Wednesday, July 31st , 2013 16H 00mn. The Late bids will not be accepted.
Tenders will be opened in the presence of candidates’ representatives present at the following address: Executive Secretariat NIGER BASIN AUTHORITY BP 729, Niamey (Niger) Wednesday, July 31st , 2013 at 16h 30mn.

5. The bidder shall submit with its bid, a bid security in the amount of two million (2,000,000) CFA Francs depending on the model attached to the tender dossier.

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