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May 2013 Monthly Bulletin

Project Management Unit (PMU)
Wednesday 26 June 2013 by administrateur, Bachir TANIMOUNE


May 2013 marked the end of the 2012/2013
hydrological year which started in June 2012 in the
most part of the river Niger basin.
The just concluded hydrological year was a period
with the highest flood flow ever recorded in Niger
basin where many lives were lost and properties
destroyed particularly in Niger Benin and Nigeria that
are located downstream. The flood flow in Nigeria was
mostly as a result of extreme flood flow along the river
Benue and releases from Lagdo Dam in Cameroun.
However the 201/2013 hydrological ended in May
2013 with decrease in flow in the entire part of the
river Niger due to the dry seasonal period and flow of
river Niger was supported by the releases from the
Sélingué, Lagdo, Kainji, Jebba and Shiroro dams.
For detail flow analyses the Niger basin is divided into
4 sub-catchments with a representative station as
follows; Koulikoro in the Upper Niger in Mali; Dire
in the Inland Delta in Mali; Niamey in the Middle
Niger in Niger; and Lokoja in the Lower Niger in
Nigeria as shown in Fig 1.

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